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Name: 76ffbf0c1d@lpv.lv2006-04-20 09:19:56
Fabulous site.

Name: Minhaj2006-04-12 21:31:22
Before rating i would like to know, is there any softwares to use my Mobile K750i as a web cam? if there is any pls do sms the site link to +974 5443494. or mail to and pls dont joke im sick of finding this software. thanx

Name: AbbasJin2006-04-04 14:55:51
OK site, though i still dont see a good reason why its a tribute to k750i when it doesn't carry any apps/games or their links .. doh man you need to give soem more time to this site .. ican see why its not been updated in the last 10 months

Name: sun2006-03-17 14:12:05
do it

Name: jf2006-02-28 13:06:17
Free themes, applications and rintones at

Name: KLG29922006-01-07 06:29:15
Quicktime can play 3gpp video clips!

It is not a bad player! Try it!

Name: san2006-01-04 12:00:08
how to play .3gp video clips in my pc?
which media player plays that?

Name: Rosh2005-10-28 15:15:31
superb phone !! We'll it does not support real one player.

Name: JimPower2005-10-19 19:26:00
Hmm, my phone is missing, please call me :D

Name: Andreas2005-10-08 14:38:29
thunder, weird about the not being able to answer using the handsfree button. About the ring through the headset: set the phone in the silent mode when using the headset, or modify the handsfree profile to do this every time you plug in the hf.

Name: thunder2005-09-30 12:03:06
Hi, i have an orange version, and both the original sony and replacement cheap hands free does NOT ring in the ear piece. If i make a call it works fine and when i answer a call i can hear through it but it does not ring through the headset or allow me to answer using the button on the headset wire - any advice ??

Name: ry2005-09-30 03:51:48
how should one know if the k750i is an earlier release or a newer one? i heard older ones are "CCD" and only the new one are "CMOS"...

does the back sliding cover for the lens really loosen after prone usage?

-hoping for some answers...

Name: Geek-O-boy2005-09-25 16:48:02
Awsome man... this is like the c000lest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work. Perhaps add some info on running Quake on the phone? ;-)

Name: marants2005-09-18 09:38:33
err.. too early for me :) I meant: is there a review of the stereo headset sony ericsson hpm-70?

Name: marants2005-09-18 09:37:31
is there a guide for the stereo headset hpm-70?

Name: Balaji2005-09-18 09:34:15
Your site is excellent
can u help me in getting an mp4 converter for k750i bcause nothing sofar worked even the imTOO PSP

Name: Kevin- KLG29922005-09-01 05:27:36
Hi everyone, I love this phone very much. But I want to make it better, I have three questions. Does this phone have a flight-mode? Can you use the Disc2Phone with K750? And can you guys show steps how to install the new software?-tips?tricks?-
Thank You-> KLG2992 :-)

Name: diii2005-08-31 02:29:47

Name: Aratar2005-08-28 22:37:14
It's really sad, that you did not finish your review and that there is no update for a looooong long time

Name: brice2005-08-22 14:42:44
The 2mpx camera is awesome! All pictures in my gallery were taken with my sony ericsson k750i (contrast & color balance have been photoshoped)

the gallery:

Name: Derek ( 06:39:57
Guys - re the camera shutter sound.

Having just gone through the process of removing it myself, you may wish to read what settings I used <a href="" target="_new"><b>here</b></a>. Cheers.

Name: Stephen2005-08-18 19:40:57
Love the site, as empty as it is i see tons of potential :)

So i know i can get one of these in the USA, but i HATE camera sounds, and i dont even do anything perverted with them. Anyone know how i can either A)get a swedish version of the phone or B) get the swedish firmware to work on a USA spec phone....

Name: Jericho2005-08-18 17:59:24
I really like your site. But the last update is a long time ago...

Name: Lukas2005-08-15 05:53:56
Hey Mathias,
Love the site. Looks like you are onto a winner. Maybe you should set up a forum for people to discuss problems/ software tricks etc.

Lukas (

Name: JJ2005-08-12 18:22:05
Thanks for the reply Triton, but it does not seem to work on my phone... silence mode does not turn off the sounds when the focus locks or when the picture is taken. Any other way you know of?

Name: Triton2005-08-12 13:51:10
"Does anyone know how I can turn off the camera sounds? "
Yes - Put the phone in "Silence" mode before operating the Camera.

Name: Mikros2005-08-09 06:56:00
Does anyone know if there is any program or something that makes the K750i Led light flash fast. I don't mean like the SOS or in the servicetest speeds. I mean like a discolight!!! It would be so cool!

Name: JJ2005-08-08 18:25:39
This is a great site. I just got a k750i. Does anyone know how I can turn off the camera sounds? Also, does anyone know how I can do panoramics in the largest setting?

Name: Santi2005-08-02 13:49:34
Is there a way i can save my sms message to the memory stick? Thanks.

Name: YAVANTE2005-07-27 15:27:08

Name: cjal2005-07-26 02:37:48
Do you know some other sites that can give us free themes for our k750i aside from the mentioned esato.sonyericsson sites?hope someone can give a hand.thanks.

Name: Keir2005-07-25 10:02:36
In answer to my question, yes I do like grilled cheese sandwiches.

Name: Sans2005-07-25 06:55:33
I like your website, It gives me an idea and info with regards to my k750i. I just got my unit two days ago. It is really amazing. I recommend to my friends to buy it.

Name: cjal2005-07-24 08:46:26
Do anyone uses the mp3 file of more that 10seconds time as there ringtone in the sony ericsson k750i? If theres a message,do you heare the full length of the mp3(more than 10seconds time)?
hope to hear from you guys.

Name: Edo2005-07-23 16:49:02
I have just ordered my phone and I can not wait for it to arrive. This is a nice site simple and to the point. A good link to various resources. Maby a link to software for the K750i would be nice.

Name: Peter Buckley2005-07-22 23:51:20
Have bought the K750i today and expect it to arrive on Monday, got it for 405 Euro.
Im looking forward to it and would liek to offer my help in any reviews. Anyway,will watch the site with close eyes.

Name: AG2005-07-20 06:49:50
Hey T-L-G
It has a auto focus function. May be the phone is takin time to focus. May be you have to be still for a moment befor you move the camera away

Name: angel secada2005-07-19 22:04:53

Name: bonemachine2005-07-19 14:39:01
AG ... thanks that helped a lot...did'n think it would work that good.

Name: AG2005-07-19 07:17:40
Hey bonemachine,

Change the camera shoot mode in the settings to burst mode. That will solve your problem.

Name: bonemachine2005-07-07 22:05:22
Yupp same here....I'll just addapt to this....pitty when I try to take picktures of my 10 month daughter....she's so quick so every picture is a suprise :)
Is there a new update coming soon to fix these issues? And is the sonyericsson site messed upp for all or just me?

Name: T-L-G2005-07-07 16:18:00

When I take a picture with my k750i, it first freeze the image when a picture is taken, but thats not he picture it's saving. Is it only my phone that does this?

It's a problem that it takes the picture after the sound.

Name: Arup2005-07-07 09:42:26
How is the signl strength/reception quality of the phone??

Name: bonemachine2005-07-07 00:09:57
Regarding the max chars in notes (Synking the notes from Outlook) I got this answer from SE support: Sony Ericsson K750i stöder 254st tecken per anteckning : Translation in short is that synced notes only supports 254 char's and I think that goes for Contacts extra info you now can use. A bit silly on a mobile that supports +1GB. ANd now the homepage is all messed upp as well......yeah summerholliday!

Name: Andreas2005-07-02 19:51:12 the way, can you use the remote control now without first having to fiddle with the pc?

Name: Andreas2005-07-02 19:49:44
nice one Alex! what kind of bt-dongle do you use?

Name: Alex2005-07-01 21:37:17
Hey I was able to use my bluetooth dongle to work for my phone. I was able to get the remote control working and even share my PC's internet connection on my phone via bluetooth. Cool! ;)

Name: Andreas2005-07-01 11:23:52
EricssonEmp, only duo-type memorysticks will work, but it doesnt have to be pro-duo. "plain" duo work just as well, although the pro ones are a bit faster. =)

Name: SirBobby2005-07-01 07:56:32
Its a new fw out on SEUS, it seems like that one have fix the gprs problems found in the R1J fw.

Just so you know when comming back from the Denmark visiting..

Name: x man2005-07-01 00:57:03
just got my 750i ....awsome! took a while to get the bluetooth headset working .But now all good

Name: Hugo2005-06-30 12:00:46
hi, great page about k750i is

Name: EricssonEmp2005-06-29 17:16:23
Hey great site. Does anyone know if the non-DUO cards work with the phone? Just thinking of buying a SanDick memory stick pro duo & wondering which ones are compatable. Thanks.

Name: tawfiq2005-06-29 07:45:37
hey, soz to bother u, i was just wondering if anyone knew when the k750i is going to be released in australia

Name: AG2005-06-27 11:35:29
Tried upgrading the software at the SE site. But the site dosen't say anything while upgrading. At least it dosen't say for how long you shoud stay connected to do the upgrade. How do I know whether the site has upgrade my phone's software ?

Name: Hanzi2005-06-26 14:17:47
Hi Pidder. To turn off the Camera sound, set K750i to silent mode before activating the Camera.

Name: Pidder2005-06-25 18:31:30
"luckily for me camera sound is optional in the Swedish version of the phone"

I was wondering what you mean here. How do you turn off the camera sound in the swedish version?

Name: Hanzi2005-06-23 21:47:54
Thanks for the answer Jon. Don't need to spend the extra mony then.

Name: Jon2005-06-23 21:43:02
for a device to use the high speed cards, it must support high speed transfer mode. the k750i, like all other devices so far, was not designed to that spec. They should work but at the normal speed.

Name: Hanzi2005-06-23 17:50:20
Had anybody in here tried the SanDisk "Memory Stick Ultra II Pro" in the phone? Will it be faster to save the pictures than the included 64 MB MenoryCard?

Name: Alex2005-06-23 05:56:14
Hey, it's me again. I just would like to share this thread entitled Using K750i as a webcam: . I have yet to try this but maybe it will work. I'll see it later when I get home.

Name: Jon2005-06-22 20:28:12
Enjoyed your site, are there any new reviews or anything ready to post? Please keep this up to date as I like what you are doing. I ordered a k750i yesterday and im waiting for UPS... awful experience :)

Name: Alex2005-06-22 00:20:23
Hey cool site! I Just got this phone four days ago and it's awesome! But have you experienced slow bluetooth connectivity with it? I think mine's slow as compared to my sister's K700i. Also, I can't seem to make the remote control work with my bluetooth dongle, while my sister can. Thanks.

Name: David Piper2005-06-20 14:42:54
Have you had any probelms with the phone 'going to sleep'? Mine does this after a few hours of not being used and the only way I can find of restarting is to take out the battery. Also do you know how to transfer MP3 files from the phone memory to the duo stick?

I have heard of this from some others to, have you tried to upgrade the firmware to the new version?
If it still "hangs" after that I would consider contacting the retailer and ask them what to do.
Regarding moving files, just press "more" in the file manager (after selecting the file) and choose manage files -> copy to ext. mem.

Name: Jim2005-06-20 01:35:23
Just wired up my MDR-EX71SLs as per your instructions - thanks. Sound is excellent (my iPod Mini can't drive these earphones to full volume, but the K750i can). I just put in a 512Mb card and now I'll leave my Mini at home (battery is acting up anyway so I'll be sending that back).

Good for you, I am just as pleased with mine, I use the MP3-player every day (I have no iPod to compare with though).

Name: Bonemachine2005-06-18 12:55:48
Little issue. Sync Notes (Not the client software) with Outlook 2003
Issue: You cannot sync the whole text and there cannot be to many notes. Longest text I was able to sync was aprox 200 characters (Sync. from Outlook to phone)
A bit silly I think!

I agree, maybe the size limit of the notes are 200 characters?

Name: Chak2005-06-17 18:09:47
Yes they can, you can even use them as SMS-tones, but i suspect that the Vodafonebranded model can´t play non-DRM protected mp3:s...

Name: kbb_bkk2005-06-16 20:31:11
great site! i had a question though. can mp3s be used as ringtones on this phone?

Thanks, and as stated by Chak, you can.

Name: redbites2005-06-16 16:51:03
re the speaker quality playin mp3s. is it audible enough to listen to at night (say in a hotel room)?
also can you play music but keep the phone turned off?
Xcellent site. might just get one of these babies

Thanks, and no you cannot play music when the phone is turned off, the w800i is supposed to be able to do this when it arrives though. I would say it is audible enough to use in a hotel room, but the bass is not that good without the headset, so I would only use it for maybe radio.

Name: PellePIrat2005-06-14 09:47:22
New firmware is now available...

At last!

Name: BKD2005-06-13 08:38:10
Nice site! I've had my K750i for two weeks now. The contents of your site was one of the reasons I bought it. :)

By the way, I think I read somewhere that a firmware upgrade should be available on June 15. Have you heard anything about it yourself?

Thanks, and the firmware is available now :)

Name: incurable12005-06-13 04:04:07
Cool site man!... was looking to buy the same phone myself...


Name: Shashi2005-06-12 10:03:57
In one of your comments you said "Hopefully these bugs will be corrected in the next version of the firmware." Can our current phones firmware be upgarded or not?

The firmware is supposed to be upgradeable through the USB-cable. There is no new firmware available yet though.

Name: Blubb2005-06-12 00:59:06
när får man se uppdaterad review? :)

Jag skall försöka ta mig samman snart.:)

Name: Gav2005-06-11 14:25:09
Cool little site u got going on ere. Helped me to make my mind up. Cheers dude

Thanks :)

Name: rally_Chrille2005-06-11 02:37:12
länk till bilder Har min K750i sedan i torsdags

Snygga bilder

Name: DumbGuy2005-06-10 00:24:51
I recently got the K750i and a Jawbone headset--which I then realized utilizes the "old" SE port and not the new fastport. I wonder if it might be possible to simply splice the Jawbone wiring to the fastport connector from the included headphones? Anyone?

I have no experience with the "Jawbone headset", so I am sorry no help on this from me.

Name: ranga2005-06-09 05:58:09
My k 750i all of a sudden switches off and swithes on. yesterday it happened twice. once whilw i was trying to send a small video clip to a nokia through blue tooth. Next time it was while playing around the features. Is it a defect in the phone ?
Sometimes when i want to switch off the blue tooth the message appears ( disconnecting)for a long time and the phone get stuck. So I have to switch off the phone and wsitc on again. I am worried.
Please help me . Thanks a lot

I would think that your firmware is the reason for this. My phone hanged once when I was copying mp3s from my computer over bt. Hopefully these bugs will be corrected in the next version of the firmware.

Name: PellePirat2005-06-08 16:06:27
I've just ordered a pair or MDR-EX71SL and will give the headset-mod a try!

Just one question before I start, how is the Sony earphones wired? Is it red wires for "+" and copper for "-" (ground?)?
That is at least the impression I get from your guide.

Thanx /p

This is a really good question. I thought about this before I started, but I thought that it being sony/sonyericsson headphones they might have the same colors. This was not the case so I just guessed. I am not sure if it is really important for headphones to have +/- in the right place either.

Name: tahm2005-06-08 07:55:35
I downloaded a mp4 file and it went to sound folder. It plays as a sound file. It is a movie trailer. How can i make my k 750i play the mp4 file as a video clip.

I put mine in the video folder, and it worked like a charm.

Name: rally_Chrille2005-06-07 21:11:32
Det är en smart stradegi som SE har angående bytet av CMos till ssd sensor. En ccd sensor tar bättre bilder men drar också 10 ggr mer ström en en ccd sensor. Efter att alla tidningar testat K750i byter de till ccd för att inte försämra batterikapaciteten. :) SMART SE

Name: RallyChrille2005-06-07 16:47:26
Vet du vad k750i fick för betyg i tidningen mobil? Får mitt exemplar av denna fantastiska mobil imorgon. Längtar så. :)

Hoppas du får en buggfri då :)

Name: Rush2005-06-07 10:11:42
Has it got a voice recorder ? I can't locate it ?

Help me

It is located under "Entertainment"

Name: Morten N2005-06-06 19:30:18
How much free space du you have, including the 64 MB card?

I ask because I'm going to order a K750i soon, and want to know if I should buy a 512 card too.

I have 29 MB free on the phone memory right now and the 64 MB card is filled with music. I would say that if you plan to listen to music from the phone you need a new card, if you are to just use it for pictures the bundled card could be sufficient.

Name: JUNER2005-06-06 13:31:36
about SE connecter?

I am not sure I know what you are asking, it uses the new SE fast port if that is what you mean?

Name: Jacky2005-06-06 07:50:10
Äntligen en K750i hemsida på svenska som är bra :)
Ser framemot forumet ^_^
Ha det så bra!

Tackar, men det där med att den är på svenska vet jag inte om jag kan hålla med om. :)

Name: Anas Salman2005-06-04 19:09:59
Very nice informative site, including a Forum is a good idea 2.

Thanks, and I agree a forum would be good. I'll see if I can find some time to make one during the next week.

Name: POLA2005-06-04 14:07:40
That's the best of K750i

No ads here, link removed.

Name: Abhijith Shreenagesh2005-06-04 10:55:39
Hi dude!!! Coll site, well u can include a lot more info... u can probably start a link to download stuff for k750i

Thanks, links to themes and applications for the phone is on their way.

Name: Fric2005-06-03 18:47:18
Is it USB 2.0 High Speed or Full Speed? 50 MB in 3 minutes sounds like Full Speed.

This is the same thing that "Scx" commented earlier, 50 MB/3 minutes was my measured speed with the memory card that came with the phone. This might differ if you use another card or another way to transfer data to it.

Name: Richard Crisp2005-06-03 18:04:42
Waiting for mine to arrive at the store. Keep up the good work, it helped make up my mind.

Nice to know :)

Name: Amithe Gamage2005-06-03 17:59:42
My windows media player cannot play 3gp video clips recorded by my k 750i. How do I play them in my PC ? What standard players will play them ?

I know that quicktime can play them, this is not a player that i recommend though.

Name: Rallychrille2005-06-02 19:53:35
När kommer nästa del upp av rewive? LÄngtar :)

Jag skall försöka få upp några delar till i helgen.

Name: Reading .Mac mail2005-05-30 21:18:19
You might want to include a link to this:

Reading .Mac mail

Apparently he's had one for months now.

I am not a mac user, but this is a guide just in my taste. I added it to the links section.

Name: SCx2005-05-29 15:04:54
Standard transfer speeds:

* Maximum write speed: 14.4 Mbit/s (1.8 MB/s)
* Maximum read speed: 19.6 Mbit/s (2.5 MB/s)

PRO transfer speeds:

* Transfer: 160 Mbit/s (20 MB/s)
* Minimum write speed: 15 Mbit/s

Get a PRO M-Stick ;)

I only get 0.3 MB/s so my guess is that an upgrade to ms duo pro won't help. I will try this when my ms duo pro card arrives, but it seems to be delayed and my retailer has no delivery date for it.
I will update the review to clarify that my measured speed is with the card that comes bundled with the phone, to avoid future confusions.

Name: SCx2005-05-29 14:00:51
"It enables USB 2.0 speeds, which in real life means three minutes for 50 megabytes of data."

How do you calculate that rate? The specification for USB 2.0 is 480 Mbit/s. Am I missing something here?

The speed I am referring to is the speed that you will be able to copy data to the phone with. The phone supports USB 2.0, so that won't be the bottleneck during a file transfer, maybe it is the CPU in the phone that limits the speed (seems possible, because transfers are slower if you use the phone while transferring).

Name: RE roco2005-05-28 15:37:24
Så klart det inte stämmer. :)

MVH rally_Chrille

Name: rocco2005-05-28 08:26:57
Härlig sida!

Har inte köpt någon än, undrar om rycktet om byte av lins till sommaren stämmer?

Svårt att säga, det kommer ju från en ganska trovärdig källa (jag antar att du tänker på ryktet som säger att CMOS-sensorn skall bytas mot en CCD). Om det nu stämmer så blir det intressant att se hur mycket bildkvaliten förbättras.

Name: Martin2005-05-27 23:55:20
"I noticed that was available, and decided to buy it."
Way to go man! :)

Name: rally_Chrille@hotmail.com2005-05-27 23:07:38
Jag är En SE fantast, skulle vara kul om jag kune får en epost adrress som slutat på KOntakta mig om det är möjligt, Om du har lunar, där heter jag rally_Chrille
Tackar åp förhand

Jag har ingen mailservice, sorry.

Name: rally_Chrille2005-05-27 23:04:09
vilken underbar hemsida

Name: Niklas2005-05-27 22:15:02
Jag älskar min K750i.
Kommer du/ni trycka upp någon sorts tribute t-shirts eller så?

Det hade jag inte planerat, men det kanske kunde vara kul.

Name: good homepage2005-05-27 19:01:38
I link this site at my "lunarstorm" club, Called SonyERicsson_

Name: wille, www.prylfeber.se2005-05-27 10:37:37
Schysst. Lite mer inomhusbilder och bilder tagna i sämre förhållande skulle vara kul att se. :)

Jag lade upp en från krogen igår, den blev inte så där värst bra men det var ganska så mörkt.

Name: Danne2005-05-27 06:38:25
Trevlig sida. Inte så mycket innehåll... Men K750i är ju inte så gammal heller ;-) Hade varit bra med en sektion med firmware uppdateringar, tänkte då på vilken version som är den senaste + bug/fix log.

Skall försöka peta in lite mer innehåll med tiden, en sida med kända buggar i olika firmwares är inte en så dum ide.

Name: TipEx2005-05-27 02:24:07
Fler bilder av Vasaparken vetja! :) Jag bor bara ett kvarter bort men jag har inte tid att gå ut eftersom jag sitter och knåpar på en uppsats hela dagarna!
Trevlig sida förresten. Keep up the good work!

Tackar, vi får se om det blir några bilder därifrån.

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