2007-07-27  Moving on
I left my K750i for a P1i today. K750i has been a nice phone, but it is time to move on.
2005-06-17  MXE-60
Paulino @ the mobile-review forum put up a small review of the attachable flash for K750i, check it out here mini review.
2005-06-14  New firmware out!
SonyEricsson has released a new firmware for the K750i. The new firmware seems to include mostly bug fixes, so not much new for me that had a pretty bug less phone. I followed the instruction on, and it worked flawlessly, I have heard of some people that have had trouble updating though. The updated firmware includes a new focus sound for the camera that is kind of annoying; luckily for me camera sound is optional in the Swedish version of the phone.
2005-06-02  Guides section added
Due to a high work load I have not been able to update the site as much I would have liked. I got some time over today though, so I modified my headset and wrote a guide about it.
2005-05-28  Site work over
I went through all the pages and made them valid XHTML 1.0. The site works fine on the K750, but the design is not made for the phone; ergo there is a lot of horizontal scrolling. I might make a special version for small size browsers in the future. I added a picture from when we were out last night. It shows that the built in flashlight works in darkness, but the results are somewhat mediocre. For better results the flash add-on would be needed.
2005-05-26  The first part of my review is up
I just finished one part of my review; it is available under Review/Build quality.
Eldar, one of the "legends" from, started a rumor today of a K750i with a CCD sensor instead of a CMOS, this is supposed to give ~10% better images. According to Eldar, every K750i sold after July/August will include the CCD-sensor. Eldars sources are usually valid, but this time I wonder. It seems queer to put out a better version of the K750i so soon after the first launch, well only time will tell.
2005-05-24  First impressions
I am really impressed with this phone! The sound quality is much better than I thought it would be, the external speaker is not excellent, but it is for sure possible to listen to music/radio through it.
I managed to snap a few photos on the way to work; they did turn out a bit blurry though, hopefully because of me being in a hurry, and rain falling on Stockholm.
2005-05-23  The phone arrives
At last, after months of longing it finally arrived. The Price @mcmobil was 400 euros, a fair price for a regular store in my opinion. It feels like I did the right thing, waiting through the weekend and saving a hundred euros.
It is charging right now, so pictures and review will have to wait for a while, I will probably put up some pictures tomorrow.
2005-05-22  K750i is near
During this Friday, reports came in from the Netherlands that K750i was in stock. I contacted Dialect, were I had pre booked my "limited edition", but due to their excessive pricing I decided to go for the one i booked on mcmobil instead. Mcmobil is supposed to have it in stock tomorrow, so hopefully I will have my phone by then.
MR (a user on the forum) have made a huge review in Dutch, if you don't know Dutch I would recommend this link.
2005-05-14  Links page updated
I added some more links and divided the page into sections.
2005-05-10  Some content added
This site will be a tribute to my next cell phone, the K750i. According to Sony Ericsson and my retailer I will receive it on the Twenty-third of May.
If you have any suggestions on layout or content for this site, please send them to me.
2005-05-09  Site created
I noticed that was available, and decided to buy it.
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